Hijab Niqab Letizia Basic in Zircon

RM 89.00


Hijab Niqab Letizia Basic

Have you ever thought of a niqab that doesn’t have to be really Arabic but yet shows the Malaysian iconic way but in the same time was really practical with syari’e? Yes, we thought you were. Letizia Basic is simple but modest .

The inspirations comes when we had a thought, we don’t have to look arab, as long it doesn’t contradicts with syari’e and it looks right, why not we make it more Malaysian. Yes, that’s the start on how we take a look of AuraHanan® designs.

It also comes to us all the problems we had, as we are also a niqabis you know. Once it always a problems to us to find a niqab that’s match with our hijab. It really frustrating though, the last option we had is to wear black as one of the reasons being there is no much choice. But we Malaysian loves colors so much. It is in our nature. So, there goes Letizia Basic with variant colors to choose that comes with a matching niqab attached to it. You don’t have to worry about finding a matching niqab no more.

Letiza basic does also solves the problems of having to put the niqab in our beg when it is solah time, or put it up to our head when we eats which looks quite weird. We can hide our niqab with Letiza basic, and with many styles. 

Finding the right inner? Matching one? Now not with AuraHanan® Letiza basic. Grab it put it on and ready to go. Less ironing needed.  AuraHanan® soft cotton inner attached with the flowy High quality Double Heavy Rose Chiffon shawl, designed to perfectly fit your face and the unique chin-support design to makes you feel comfortable. Curvy design to comfy with your shoulder and soft awning which easy to handle and looks really beautiful on you.

Just for you, AuraHanan® signature Golden Metal Tag exclusively made to celebrate your style which had the exclusive ‘The Hidden Niqab’ first been designed in the world by AuraHanan® just for you.


Material : High Quality Double Heavy Rose Chiffon

Inner : Finest Quality Soft Cotton





Width : 69cm est.

Height : 200cm est.

Face : 50cm est.

***Adjustable size, makes your own S,M,L,XL, or even XXL.


Width : 30cm est.

Length : 42cm est.


Hand wash. Machine wash and dryer wash machine was passed QC test.

Iron or steam with low heat.

Cold Wash.


Please be informed that color may differ slightly due to camera flash / computer settings