Hijab Niqab Letizia Lux in Zircon

RM 99.00


Inspired for those niqabis who wants to feel trendy but yet not to expose, Letizia Lux is the perfect choice of "Hijab Niqab". Exclusively made with glittering of Swarovski made it exclusively right for the right person. 

Designed to be worn with 3 different styles, you don't have to worry about getting the right niqab for the hijab. Otherwise it can be worn without the niqab and got the same glimmering styles.

In a hurry? It needs less ironing and just hoop on and you're ready to go. Available in combination colors of inner and 2 loop shawl which is to suit your needs. Made with the highest quality of Double Heavy Rose Chiffon and attached with comfy inner of finest quality Soft Cotton just to make you feels different.

Inner  from Soft Cotton that makes you feel cooler and specifically designed to fit your face with chin-support design,  soft awning that’s not easily hassle down, and curvy design that comfy your shoulder makes Letiza Lux precisely hard-to-resist a must-have.

Shawl that is snugly fit and beautiful flowy fabric makes comfort and beauty mix into one word that is hard to describe instead of speechless. Just to make you feel super confident it comes with Original Aura Hanan metal tag that up your charismatic.

First in the world 'the hidden face cover (niqab/neeqab/purdah) brings the uniqueness of Aura Hanan®. Well we aware of the annoying problems that niqabis have especially during eating time, solah, mingles , and etc. Sometime we do need to uncover the face, but it can be a bit annoying where as  we have to take out the niqab, or put to the top which sometimes looks not really comfy. The MAGIC hidden (niqab/neeqab/purdah) designed especially for that. Hidden also means styles, ‘hide with styles’. The trouble was no more. Plus, the hardship to find the right niqab for hijab, annoying isn’t? The only choice we have back then was to wear black.  Niqabisdoesn’t have that problem, Letiza Lux was so stylish, comfy, and variant choice of colors just made exclusively for you.


Material : High Quality Double Heavy Rose Chiffon

Inner : Finest Quality Soft Cotton



Width : 69cm est.

Height : 200cm est.

Face : 50cm est.

***Adjustable size, makes your own S,M,L,XL, or even XXL.


Width : 30cm est.

Length : 42cm est.


Able to wash with washing machine and dryer machine.

Iron or steam with low heat.

Cold Wash.


Please be informed that colors may differ slightly due to camera flash / computer settings