Khimar Niqab Sophea Lux in Hazelnut Caramel

RM 119.00


Khimar Niqab Sophea Lux

Stylish from the outside, neat from the inside, luxurious to wear. Other than that it is quite hard to describe. The feeling of wearing it, the comfy fabric, easy, and embedded with luxurious shiny Swarovski jewellery along the line makes it look as if the star has just fallen down to earth.


AuraHanan® Khimar Niqab Sophea Luxwas made for the utmost perfection in mind. The neatness of the stitching quality adding more value to the uniqueness. The fabric is so flowy and soft making it the best in town. The niqab really is comfy and easy to breath. It was made size-able enough to have a complete satisfaction.


You don’t have to ironing that much as it needs less-ironing. Just imagine the time you save for that. Not to mention Khimar Niqab Sophea Lux is dual-layered which means it adds extra value and even so, you wouldn’t feel so warm wearing it. Suitable if you plan for an outing or even coming to an exclusive event, it will just made you stand out from the rest but in a very special way. 


The niqab was specially designed for Niqabis, but then for non-niqabis the niqab can turned into fashion. Head on with 3 style, it is easy to wear and the style can have more variety as imagination is the only limit. Khimar Niqab Sophea Premiera will really suit you as it is made with Malaysian stylish in mind. It comes with variety of color and matches with Malaysian taste. It is perfectly fits you as what you are by not becoming someone else. Made by AuraHanan® just for #Aurahananista


Material : High Quality Double Heavy Rose Chiffon



Front Fall : 68cm est. (From neck)

Back Fall : 106cm est. (From Top)

Face : 53cm est. **adjustable size.


Width : 25cm est.

Length : 42cm est.


Hand wash. Machine wash and dryer machine QC tested passed.

Iron or steam with low heat.

Cold Wash.


Please be informed that colors may differ slightly due to camera flash / computer settings


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