Khimar Niqab Sophea Basic in Begonia White

RM 109.00


Khimar Niqab Sophea Basic

Looking for something that can covers you perfectly but then follows to complete syari’ah? Nursing-friendly? Super-comfy and perfectly elegant? You are a person that put quality and time to it utmost important? Finding something nice for your umrah?

AuraHanan® Khimar Niqab Sophea Basic, hijrah friendly, syari’ah-compliance, made by mom for mom’s, elegant, comfy, snugly-fit, just wear and go, and perfect for your breathtaking umrah journey.

Designed by putting quality in the top list, Khimar Niqab Sophea Basic makes comfortable to be more comfortable. Multiple-style just by one khimar and ‘The hidden niqab’ as AuraHanan® main signature makes it perfectly perfect for #Aurahananista.

Made from the highest quality of Double Heavy Rose Chiffon, makes the fabric super-flowy and elegant turning you to be the most ideal niqabis. Double-layered and lengthen down over your waist with  comfy niqab that can be hidden, what's more can be ask from the perfect khimar.

Less-ironing, yes, less means you don’t have to waste your time with the iron, just keep it right, put it on, and to your car, takes less than you always have. Nice isn’t? For mommies, public nursing looks like it never happens. AuraHanan® Khimar Niqab Sophea Basic large enough to hide your cute baby without anyone really noticing you are actually public nursing. The fabric comfy enough that your baby can breath comfortably inside. Well, it does made by mom for mom’s.

Khimar Niqab Sophea Basic is AuraHanan® revolutionized design made for niqabis of #Aurahananista who wear niqab just for pleasing The Creator and to get more barakah from it and may it be the starting point of our hijrah to be a better person and be reward with Jannah. Amin.


Material : High Quality Double Heavy Rose Chiffon


Begonia White 



Front Fall : 68cm est. (From neck)

Back Fall : 106cm est. (From Top)

Face : 53cm est. **adjustable size.


Width : 25cm est.

Length : 42cm est.


Hand wash. Machine wash is not advisable.

Iron or steam with low heat

Cold Wash


Please be informed that colors may differ slightly due to camera flash / computer settings


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